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Eyes up, Admiral.Picture: CBS

Star Trek: Picard is ready many years after the unthinkable: a disillusioned Jean-Luc Picard, former captain of the Enterprise, has left Starfleet, the fabled group that represents his highest beliefs. However as a way to determine why, we have to flip to what is perhaps a stunning supply for some Star Trek diehards.

The primary trailer for Picard solely affords the barest of hints as to simply why Picard—now an Admiral by the point of his exit—left Starfleet. We hear a short, imprecise summation of Jean-Luc’s exit from an unnamed Starfleet officer (voiced by Merrin Dungey):

Fifteen years in the past, right this moment, you lead us out of the darkness. You commanded the best rescue armada in historical past. Then? The unimaginable.

However whereas the trailer retains that “unimaginable” occasion hidden, we truly know what it’s already—as a result of Alex Kurtzman revealed in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter months in the past that the CBS All Entry present is definitely set after an essential collection of occasions that inform the arrange for the 2009 Star Trek film reboot.

Romulus is no more.Romulus isn’t any extra.Picture: Paramount

The overwhelming majority of Star Trek 2009 is ready in an alternate 23rd century, retelling the early years of James Kirk and his acquainted iconic crewmembers aboard the Enterprise. However that alternate timeline exists due to some 24th-century shenanigans that Picard is ready after: the destruction of the Romulan Star Empire’s homeworld Romulus in 2387, over a decade after the conclusions of Deep House 9, Voyager, and the ultimate The Subsequent Era film, Star Trek: Nemesis.

As instructed in flashbacks forming the prime timeline Spock’s story within the film, Romulus’ destruction is attributable to a close-by star going supernova. The Romulan Senate had tasked Spock (on the time an envoy to the world for the Romulans’ distant cousins, the Vulcans) with utilizing an experimental ship known as the Jellyfish, which housed a drive containing purple matter, to comprise the dying star in a black gap earlier than its explosive potential consumed Romulus.

Romulus and Remus are both gone in Star Trek Online’s timeline.Romulus and Remus are each gone in Star Trek On-line’s timeline.Picture: Good World

Sadly, Spock’s try got here too late: the supernova expanded much more quickly than beforehand anticipated, destroying Romulus totally. The purple matter black gap the Jellyfish created to comprise the supernova earlier than any extra injury might be executed solely served to tug each the ship and the close by Romulan mining vessel Nerada right into a rift in area and time—catapulting them again to 2258 and establishing an alternate timeline we now know because the Kelvin Timeline (named for the divergence prompted with the destruction of the united statesS. Kelvin by the Nerada in Star Trek 2009’s opening). Again within the 24th century, Romulus and billions of Romulans are gone, the supernova is handled, and Spock is mourned after being presumed among the many useless.

With that, what we formally know of the primary Star Trek timeline within the 24th century involves an finish. Picard would be the first formally canonical Star Trek materials to be set after the occasions that opened Star Trek 2009—in round 2402, judging by the “fifteen years” remark Dungey’s character makes within the trailer. We’ll have to attend and see the present itself (“coming quickly”) to get the complete image of the occasions round Romulus’ destruction. The one factor we all know for certain is the truth that Picard seemingly lead a rescue flotilla that tried to avoid wasting survivors fleeing Romulus which…presumably failed, given he promptly stop Starfleet and went off to Burgundy to go make wine.

It better be a good vintage, Jean-Luc.It higher be a great classic, Jean-Luc.Picture: CBS

What stays to be seen past that’s what will formally turn into the story earlier than and instantly after these moments from Star Trek 2009. At present, two non-canonical Star Trek merchandise have given us potential glimpses. Within the run-up to the film’s launch in 2009, IDW printed Star Trek: Countdown, a four-part miniseries by Mike Johnson, Tim Jones, and David Messina that arrange the lead as much as Romulus’ destruction. It not solely gave the star a reputation—Hobus—however established a post-Nemesis future the place Picard was not an Admiral, however the Federation Ambassador to Vulcan (Information had turn into his substitute aboard the Enterprise-E, having planted his reminiscences and character into the android B-Four) and personally concerned with Spock’s mission to avoid wasting the world.

In the meantime, the continued MMORPG Star Trek On-line, initially set in 2409, relies totally round a premise the place the destruction of Romulus—and its sister world Remus, house to the Remans—by the Hobus star has vast-reaching penalties for Star Trek’s wider galaxy.

Simply because it seemingly has in Star Trek: Picard, in On-line’s future the destruction of Romulus has result in the overall dissolution of the Romulan Star Empire, and with its absence, an influence vacuum that briefly sees the Federation and Klingon Empire break its years of truce and re-enter a interval of battle. The fascistic Romulan secret police, the Tal Shiar—lead by Denise Crosby’s TNG character Sela, the half-Romulan daughter of Tasha Yar—makes an attempt to regulate what’s left of the surviving Romulans, whereas a breakaway group calling itself the Romulan Republic established a brand new homeworld known as New Romulus, reaching out to each the Federation and the Klingon Empire in an try and carry the 2 factions collectively to assist the fledgling group’s re-integration into galactic society.

Ambassador Picard greets the Enterprise’s captain.Ambassador Picard greets the Enterprise’s captain.Picture: David Messina, Giovanna Niro, Ilaria Traversi, and Neil Uyetake (IDW)

These are simply two prospects somewhat than precise moments in Star Trek’s tv timeline, nonetheless. No matter model Picard tells will override each as apocryphal might-have-beens, establishing new canonical occasions for Star Trek’s future for the primary time since Star Trek 2009 briefly glimpsed a post-Nemesis timeline. However past pondering what might turn into, it’s nonetheless attention-grabbing to see reboot seemed down upon by some Star Trek diehards will straight inform the return of one of many franchise’s most beloved icons.

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