Florida Rescue Group Trying To Save Pups From Canine Meat Pageant In China – KHQ Proper Now




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A canine meat competition is developing in China and a rescue group in Florida is working exhausting to avoid wasting the pups from slaughter. 

Thus far, Massive Canine Ranch Rescue has already saved some 300 canines from the competition by 4 journeys to China. 

The Yulin Canine Meat Pageant begins June 21st. 

“That may be a 10-day occasion of their tradition that’s pure hell for the animals. They rejoice the summer time solstice by consuming canine meat,” Debbie Hilton from Massive Canine Rescue stated. “They imagine the extra horrible the dying, the extra adrenaline launched into the meat and higher for them as the buyer. It’s simply dreadful.”

The rescue group’s purpose is to carry canines destined for the dinner plate again to the U.S. to seek out loving houses. Nonetheless, between now and the 21st, they should create house on the protected holding place in china that’s already at its 150-dog capability by flying them to the U.S. 

The group is trying to increase tens of 1000’s of dollars to make it occur. 

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