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Port Wakefield crab unloading

A picture of Port Wakefield crab unloading posted by Dannie Wakefield on Fb. His dad, Lowell Wakefield, pioneered crab processing within the 1950s and constructed a plant at Port Wakefield, in Raspberry Straits, on the west aspect of Kodiak, which was destroyed after the 1964 earthquake by native subsidence.

Posted: Thursday, Could 23, 2019 1:33 pm

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A crab pageant with out crab: Kodiak was constructed on a king crab fishery that has all however vanished




KODIAK — Alaska is commonly regarded as a state of increase and bust economies. The story is acquainted and may be utilized to any variety of occasions from gold rushes to intervals of frenzied building adopted by oil value collapses: Industries seem, individuals flock from the Decrease 48 for his or her slice of the pie, then industries collapse. For Kodiak, that trade was business king crab fishing.

Whereas some crab continues to be offered at Kodiak’s annual Crab Competition, newcomers to town could also be confused by the conspicuous absence of the pageant’s namesake. The explanation crab continues to be celebrated in Kodiak is, a little bit over half a century in the past, town blossomed because of its king crab fishery. 

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Thursday, Could 23, 2019 1:33 pm.

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